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Boost Essential Oil .5 oz.


Health Fusion's 100% Neat Boost Essential Oil Blend 15 ml. Need a Boost? For many of us regardless of our situation, job, activity level or hobbies, the answer is yes! Whether it’s to help us get started in the morning, keep us going strong at work, to help us keep up with busy life at home or abroad, or enjoying a favorite activity try Health Fusion’s Boost Essential oil blend. Designed for topical application can be added to lotions, carrier oils, baths, Boost is the ideal companion for active athletes, runners, outdoor enthusiasts, hikers, gardeners, bikers, or anyone looking for an extra “boost” to push through and keep going. Boost can be applied before or after activity and is the perfect match for massage to a specific area. Boost is 100% Neat (free of carriers)

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