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Digest-Eze 100% Neat Essential Oil Blend

Health Fusion's 100% Neat Digest-Eze Essential Oil Blend 15 ml. (GRAS) Digestive and stomach issues can sometimes put a damper on enjoying foods, social get-togethers and events we look forward to. The sluggish, heavy, or bloated feelings after certain meals are something no one enjoys. Health Fusion’s Digest-Eze Essential oil blend features an all star combination of essential oils commonly used to support and stimulate digestion to help the body combat bloating, gas, indigestion or upset stomach. Proper digestion can support overall health, elimination and the body’s natural ability to utilize and receive nutrition. Digest-Eze is perfect for diluting and massaging over an upset stomach and can also be diffused aromatically through the home or office as well. Digest-Eze is 100% Neat (free of carriers).

Companion Oils: Dill seed, Parsley, Juniper Berry, Pink Grapefruit, Orange, Catnip & Armor.
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